Try to find a habitable planet for humanity before Earth explodes! Use your scanning tools to find a livable planet. Use the downloadable version if the WebGL version is lagging.

How To Play:

  • WASD= move telescope 
  • Scroll Wheel= zoom telescope
  • Space Bar= lock onto planet
  • Left Click= use individual scanning tools
  • E= escape planet to look for another
  • Click manual icon (bottom right) to list of planets found
  • Click individual planet to see its stats- life, oxygen, temp & radiation

FIND A PLANET WITH LIFE, OXYGEN, TEMP OF 72 DEGREES & NO RADIATION. Click the LAUNCH button when you have found the right planet. You have 200 seconds to find the planet. Good Luck! 

How to use the scanning tools:

Life Scanner: Stop the yellow arrow in the middle of the line to subtract time.

Atmospheric Scanner: Click on the pipes to rotate them to the correct orientation and see if the planet has oxygen to support life.

Thermometer: Move the temperature arrow to the corresponding planet temperature.  (You need one with 72 Degrees!)

Radiation Scanner: Click on radiation barrels to delete all of them before they touch the red bar and complete the radiation scan.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenrePuzzle, Action
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Short, Space
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

If playing in browser click the "Run Game" button in the center of the black window.

If downloading the game go to your downloads folder and click "Extract All" and it will open up a new window were you can double click on the file with a robot on it.


Download 20 MB


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hey I played the game again and really like the how to play text at the top of a mini-game. I still would have liked to have the controls for the game somewhere in a menu or something instead of the game page on itch. Great game my guy

I just want to move to the purple planet and make my home there :)

Me to!

I can't play on my mobile 😭

I'm sorry that you cant play. I might add mobile controls later.

thx for the reply 

I have made updated the game but I cant upload the new version it until the jam judging is over I don't know when that will be but the new update has added mobile controls. So if you still want to play, you will be able to in a bit!

Very cool game! Everything was great but I couldn't figure out how to delete all the barrels.


(1 edit)

All you have to do for the radiation scan is to click on the barrels. Thanks for playing though!

Yep but it was a little bit too hard for me.

Thx for the replay(:

Oh ok  I'll update it later and make the barrels a bit slower. Thanks for  the feedback!